Appropriately, my motivational quotes this week have turned inspirational quotes.  After all, who isn’t inspired by Tom Brady?  Two of his more poignant:

“I didn’t come this far to come this far. I’ve still got further to go.”
“You push your body to the limit but you have to train your body to deal with the limits”

So, if we dig through the afterglow and its accompanying reverance, we ask whether Brady hit the genetic lottery? Or is his undisputed fountain of youth the fruit of his disciplined TB12 practices? Probably a little of both … or a lot of both.  Embracing those ideas as our bodies age undoubtedly is a win win for our bodies and for our minds. Interestingly none of the recipe appears to be the holy grail. Brady’s fountain of youth seems to come from adopting known practices like sleep, amazing nutrition, building strong pliable muscles, commitment to consistent functional training AND never waivering from those ideas. Living the laser-focused life of a Lean Thinker, as he is called, summarizes his practices.

As we head toward the end of first quarter ‘17, keep that laser focus that drove you at the outset of the year. Eat clean, live lean. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are determined to build and sustain healthy bodies and minds in a safe, inclusive environment. Eat whole, unpackaged, unprocessed foods that look the same coming out of the ground as they do going into our bodies. Sleep at least seven hours per night. Exercise efficiently, and stretch. The commitment to become a Lean Thinker may take 5 or so hours of the 168 we each have per week. Your body, your mind is your temple. You decide.


Have you had your “ENERGY BARRE” today? ...

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Congratulations Lauren and Will! We loved hosting your Pre-Wedding workout. Hope the rest of your day is a beautiful love filled day:) ...

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