Fortitude’s Soft Reopening June 1!!

                The Fort Opens for personal training and small group classes under strict safety and spacing guidelines!

                                                           Please read our new procedures and protocols:

Finally!  The opportunity to safely engage in group exercise at The Fort’s facility while maintaining the Virtual opportunities for fitness that you’ve grown to love!  Dying to hear the details? Read On!
Governor Sununu has unveiled phase one of what we are calling a Soft Reopening for fitness facilities!  To all of you, thank you for continuing to stay fit with The Fort during the Covid-19 stay at home; over 500 of you participated per week in our group Livestreams; Fortitude also performed 90 personal trainings and 12 small group trainings per week! You’ve proven amazing Fortitude and commitment to your good health! For the near future The Fort will be offering with joy, a weekly starting schedule of in person classes to compliment your Livestream opportunities.  Also offered both virtually and in person will be Fortitude’s award winning personal training and small group training.  
Your self proclaimed cleanest gym in NH will not only abide by the Governor’s guidance for safety but taken it to a whole higher level!  
Fun, Safety and Top Fitness!
We can’t wait to see you all again!! All IN PERSON group classes will be held in the Riverside.  All participants will enter and exit Riverside.  Advance sign up will be required on the Fortitude Health and Training app.  Class size will be limited to 12.  Each individual will check in for class no more than 5 minutes before the start of class outside of the building at the Riverside entrance. You will be assigned a large workout “square” of approximately 7.5 x 12 feet.  The space between your workout “square” and the next “square” will exceed the NH State minimum and keep you at least 10 feet  from the next person. A mask will be strictly required to enter and may be removed once you have proceeded directly to your square.   Your equipment will be waiting for you!  You must remain in your workout square for the duration of class and exit promptly with your mask on when dismissed at the end of class.  Locker rooms including toilets will be closed. Class end and start times will include a 30 minute buffer zone so that staff may completely wash/sterilize the entire Riverside floor, all equipment and also allow for air exchange.  Your instructor will undergo screening including temperature taken each day upon arrival to teach. FortCycle classes will also be held in  Riverside during the Soft Reopening. Periodic outdoor classes will continue to be held, as encouraged by the Governor.  All in person single classes or class packages may be purchased on the app OR are included for unlimited members!
You may bring your own water, mat and towel for all classes – those services are suspended during the Soft Reopening. Please note that because in person classes are currently limited to 12 and because every individual should have the opportunity to participate in class, those canceling within 12 hours of every in person class or no showing will be assigned a $15 automatic late cancel charge.
In addition to IN PERSON CLASSES, you can continue to sign up for LIVESTREAM CLASSES!  And guess what?  When you sign up for a livestream class will have the opportunity to participate in that class livestream OR anytime you’d like over the following 24 hours – a link to the filming of that class, accessible for members and those with a paid class in their account will be emailed to you automatically approximately 30 minutes after the finish if you had signed up for that class.  Livestream classes may be purchased on the app or are included for unlimited members.
Fortitude is proud to announce it’s Soft Reopening plan!  The perfect hybrid of in person and virtual programing. We can’t wait to see you back and look forward to abiding together by the above safety rules and guidelines while having an amazing and fun experience we are all missing at The Fort!
The Fort Coaches are eager to whip you into shape!
All personal trainings will be held in Cityside.  The Fort’s award winning personal training program will include an option for you to personal train in person or virtually.  Training sessions atThe Fort will look like this:  The Cityside will be divided into 6 workout “squares”.  Each square will be separated by a ten foot buffer. Clients will enter with mask through Cityside entrance and may remove their mask once in their workout space.  Personal trainers will wear a mask for training and maintain a minimum 6 foot distance.  Personal trainings will be spaced a minimum of fifteen minutes apart to allow for floor washing/sterilization, sanitation of equipment and air exchange.  Doors will be open whenever possible. Locker rooms will be closed.  You may bring your own water, towel and mat during Fortitude’s soft reopening – those services have been suspended.  The Fort’s Trainers will take their temperature and adhere to a screening process upon arrival each day.  The rules are strict but with them we can confidently provide you with a safe and amazing workout and MOST IMPORTANT that endorphin rush you love!!  SO FUN!!!  Purchase here and book a session today!






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