Living La Pura Vida

Danielle Perrault and I have been coaching healthy lifestyle for 30 years, sharing with the Fortitude community and the people of New Hampshire the holy grail of immunity, happiness, and, ultimately, longevity. The secret really isn’t a secret. The Costa Ricans have been living la pura vida or, translated, good or simple life, for centuries. It works. Here are the principles:
  1. Eat colorful foods that look the same as they did coming out of the ground.
  2. Get at least seven hours of sleep per night.
  3. Get outside into sunshine at least 15 minutes per day.
  4. Surround yourself with people who make you happy and activities that bring you joy.
  5. Love the decisions that you make.
  6. Act naturally, be uninhibited.
  7. And, drum roll, engage in daily vigorous activities. Break a sweat at least three times a week!
At Fortitude, we coach the whole person. Your happiness, your immunity, your health and your longevity depends on the integration of these seven principles. Regarding breaking a sweat – that’s what we specialize in. The exercise you choose must bring you joy in order to be sustainable. I get on the treadmill, I go home…you get it, boring. That’s sure to get old fast. It has to be fun, and it has to make your body feel great in order to stick with it and to give it 100%. Reap the benefits of variety. Whether you are in personal training, attending a group class, and at-home livestream or part of the hybrid small group training, Fortitude believes in pulling from the following principles in order to bring spot on all levels exercise: classic strength training, higher-energy Bootcamp, Kickbox, Barre, Yoga and Cycle. Mixing it up, outside and inside, with safe, yet challenging exercise that you truly enjoy, guarantees to keep those positive endorphins rolling. We all need that! Your brain stays sharp, and as an organ that works in tandem with the other organs in your body, it sends positive receptors out to keep your whole body healthy – heart health, cholesterol, liver and kidney health, respiratory health – the list goes on. Physiologically, each bout of enjoyable (particularly whole body dynamic cardio respiratory) exercise instantaneously mobilizes billions of immune cells, especially those cell types that are capable of carrying out the recognition and killing of virus infected cells. Our bodies were built to move, find safe and enjoyable ways to exercise and get through the winter months in top health. LIVE LA PURA VIDA! Lisa Maria-Booth, CEO of Fortitude Health and Training

Fortitude Digs Deep to Give Back

Fortitude Volunteers to help Families in Transition On Saturday, April 28th, a group of philanthropic Fort members and co-owners Danielle and Lisa volunteered their time, energy and muscle to provide support for a local nonprofit, Families in Transition (FIT). Over 15 Fortitude representatives proudly showed up to pitch in several hours to support FIT’s new and unfolding Hollows Community Garden. Our inner children loved playing in the dirt and our hearts were full to give back to our community and neighbors. Plus, working outside is a *great* workout!

Check out more about this community fixture from FIT below.

FIT’s Hollows Community Garden and Learning Center
Planting food for today; Cultivating healthy behaviors for tomorrow

Fortitude Volunteers to help Families in TransitionResearch shows that homeless children go hungry at twice the rate of other children. Inadequate nutrition is tied to poor immune functioning, reduced brain functioning, and other physical and mental health problems that contribute to stress, tiredness, and an inability to work – factors that hinder one’s ability to reach beyond the cycle of homelessness.

Families in Transition’s Hollows Community Garden and Learning Center is designed to improve the quality of life and help homeless individuals break the cycle of homelessness by delivering immediate hunger relief and providing educational experiences that develop the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to cultivate self-sufficiency and lifelong healthy behaviors. This project will reduce this area’s high level of food insecurity, provide critical education and resources for sustainable food access, and aid in the transition from homelessness.

Spirit * Community * Inclusivity

Fortitude has Spirit ,Community and Inclusivity

I love mid January; it’s the time of year when Danielle and I are excited for all of your renewed commitments to great health.

At the same time, Martin Luther King Day is a time when we reflect on the lives The Fort has touched over the past year. The majority of you within our community are without limitations and special challenges…things that take an extra dose of “guts and tenacity” to work around each day.

But there’s also the growing population of individuals who find The Fort a safe, inclusive and motivating place to work on becoming their best. That, in itself is pretty cool – but the real magic is in how they inspire you. There’s amputee athlete Noelle, our D1 College Lax player who has zero room in her world for, “I can’t”. There’s Luke, my Down’s Syndrome nephew who cross trains at The Fort in preparation for this summer’s Special Olympics in Seattle. There are the young athletes from The Boys and Girls club who a few of our Coaches train pro bono to help them reach potentials that had never occurred to them. There are many others with physical limitations, intellectual disabilities and disease who train with conviction at The Fort.

The fact that our community welcomes all and becomes inspired to keep showing up, to keep a positive attitude and to keep an understanding of our own unique potentials is really magical. Rock on – MLK. LISA

FMX: Metrix-Based Training

FMX, the Fort’s new cutting edge group training class is perfect for all levels! Metrix-based training is the #1 fitness trend and we roll into an exhilarating 45-minute total body workout!

Watch your calories burned, heart rate and training zone live on our 65” screen. Receive your end of workout email and track your progress to amazing fitness over time by logging in to our website. Use one of The Fort’s loaner heart rate monitors, purchase one at the desk or wear
your own compatible. All the great toys, including non-impact rowers. Fun measurable results at The Fort in 2018!

Here’s what you need to know:

1) FMX is included in our super-low unlimited membership rates ($79/month unlimited or $119 Rock The Fort includes FortCycle). Drop ins are an affordable $14 per visit.

2) Participants borrowing loaner heart rate monitors must sign them out at desk no less than 15 minutes before the start of class. All participants must be signed in at front desk 5 minutes before the start of class in order to view their data live and receive end of workout email, no exceptions. Late arrivals may participate in class but will not be able to track data.

3) Participants track data and workout history by logging in through the FMX portal. Been to The Fort before? You have an account! Simply follow the lost password instructions to set your own password. DO NOT create a second or new profile! Your FMX profile must be attached to your membership on file.

4) Have your own monitor? The following are compatible with our system: Scosche Rhythym+, Mio Fuse, Mio Link, VivoActive HR, VivoSmart HR, Polar H7, Polar OH1. Register your monitor by logging in below. Once your heart rate monitor is in the system you will simply need to check in at the desk no less than 5 minutes before the start of class.

5) Want to participate in the fun but want to be anonymous? No Problem! Our system allows you to create your own user name!

6) Wondering about the FMX format? The format will always be the same: cardio, strength and strength based cardio segments with core work as well. A consistent format with ever-changing equipment and exercises enables you to measure results accurately. Don’t want to wear a monitor or be on the screen? No problem! You’ll still get an amazing workout!

7) First time to The Fort? Welcome! You must arrive no less than 15 minutes before the start of class in order to register and sign out your loaner.

Click here to sign-up for FMX today!

Nine Steps to Fitness

Co-Owner Lisa Maria-Booth Interviewed for NH MagazineFortitude Health + Training co-owner Lisa Maria-Booth was recently interviewed by NH Magazine for their September 2017 issue’s article How to Build a Better You. Lisa was showcased among five local health gurus who shared their tips on how to start on the path to self-improvement. Below is an excerpt:

Co-owner and CEO Lisa Maria-Booth opened Fortitude five years ago with longtime collaborator Danielle Perreault. The downtown Manchester gym caught on fast, and soon, along with David Booth, she opened FortCycle and the Green Bike smoothie bar (all located in one building in the Millyard). Of course, fitness and good health are the ultimate goals, but Maria-Booth and her staff work just as hard to create a sense of community. Here, everyone from marathon runners to hesitant beginners are welcomed and supported by both the staff and members. As Booth says, “All you have to do is show up, and we’ll take care of the rest.” While no one is actually going to lift the weights for you, you will find expert advice, coaching and plenty of positive encouragement. Perhaps most importantly, what you won’t find is judgment or intimidation.

We all know, whether we want to admit it or not, that there’s no such thing as a quick fix. True fitness is not achieved with a crash diet or a miracle piece of equipment. It’s about changing habits, making good choices every single day and, yes, regular exercise. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then Maria-Booth has a few suggestions for things you can do right now to start down a path to better health.

  • Set goals. Sometimes, says Maria-Booth, people come to her with only a desire to change … something. It’s her job, she says, to be “an inspirer, a motivator, a spark.” She helps people set smart, achievable goals. Without something specific — and attainable — to work toward, it’s much easier to give up. For instance, at first train to run a 5K rather than a marathon. Habits, she adds, can take a long time to form and a long time to break. Setting goals you can “wrap your arms around” helps push you out of a rut.
  • Keep at it. Fitness doesn’t happen overnight, but “If you keep repeating and repeating positive new habits, pretty soon it’s going to become a part of who you are,” she says. “But it takes patience; it takes a little time and repeating, and repeating. And then it’s like a needle on a record — it’s not going to skip any more since you’ve created a new groove.”
  • Find someone to hold you accountable. Tell your goals to someone you trust and that you can share with.
  • Get outside. “You might imagine I want people to be in the gym all of the time, but I don’t,” she says. One of her personal favorite ways to stay healthy is by taking advantage of the state’s many natural resources. “We have everything at our fingertips — mountains, trails, lakes, the ocean,” she says. “Being outside, getting sunshine, whether I’m in the forest hiking or swimming in the lake or snowshoeing on a really white, shiny winter day, is a huge battery recharge for me.”
  • Swap out just one bad thing. For instance, every day try trading a sugary, cream-laden Dunkin’ Donuts drink for a wholegrain English muffin with almond butter.
  • Sleep. “I love to get at least seven hours of sleep at night to feel my best, to keep my body strong,” she says.
  • Eat real food. “I stay the heck away from manufactured food products,” she says. She also avoids supplements and medications unless absolutely necessary. “I really, really believe that everything I need is in the super-healthy, colorful, look-the-same-going-in-the-body-as-it-did-coming-out-of-the-ground food.” Fresh fruit and veggies are simply better choices than boxes with long lists of ingredients.
  • Be around like-minded people. She doesn’t suggest trading in your friends, but if you can, try to be around healthy, positive people. Inspiration is important. Group classes can be a great way to find motivation.
  • Make the time. Sorry, busy people: She won’t accept the “I have no time” excuse. You do. As she points out, there are 168 hours in a week — you can set aside three for exercise. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it.

Click here to read the full article online.


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Fortitude Digs Deep to Give Back

Over 15 Fortitude reps volunteered their time, energy and muscle to help Families in Transition with their Hollows Community Garden.

Click here to read more.

Lisa Maria-Booth Receives Outstanding Women in Business Award

NH Business Review has selected Lisa to receive this esteemed award to recognize her professional accomplishments, leadership and vision.

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Just a few spots are open for our Resolve small group training sessions starting November 13th. These 6-week sessions will get you in amazing shape before the holidays hit. YOU CAN DO IT!

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