Lisa Maria-Booth Receives Outstanding Women in Business Award

Lisa Maria-Booth receives Outstanding Women in Business Award 2018

Lisa Maria-Booth, NHBR Outstanding Women in Business 2018We are so pleased to announce that Lisa Maria-Booth, co-owner of Fortitude Health + Training, will be a recipient of the NH Business Review’s Outstanding Women in Business Award at a ceremony taking place February 15, 2018. This award is presented to “women who have truly excelled, not only in their professional lives, but as leaders and role models.” Day in and day out, Lisa exemplifies these characteristics and we are excited to see her leadership recognized.

Lisa’s relentless energy and unwavering commitment to Fortitude Health + Training, as well as FortCycle, and GreenBike Smoothies which she co-owns with husband David Booth, have driven the customer experience for these businesses to the highest levels. Lisa and Danielle take great pride in the spirit that exists in the Fort community, and the positive differences healthy living has made in the lives of our members. We have a deep commitment and passion to providing our community with fun, innovative and effective health and wellness services.

Congratulations to Lisa, and let’s keep getting Fit at the Fort!

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The Weight of It: How to add some muscle to your routine

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Hippo January 18-24, 2018 IssueFort co-owner Danielle Perreault was recently interviewed by Ethan Hogan for the January 18-24 issue of The Hippo. The section focused on the new year resolutions to get in better shape and is titled 32 Tips for Workout Success. Her interview was featured in the third part of a four-part series titled Look Good, Feel Great. Pick up your free copy today and check out the excerpt below.

Danielle Perreault is the co-owner of Fortitude gym in Manchester. She started the gym with her partner Lisa Maria-Booth because of their shared passion to help others make a change in their lives. Perreault talked to the Hippo about how and why you might want to add strength training to your fitness routine.

What are some of the benefits of weight training over other forms of exercise, like cardio or yoga?

It keeps your bones strong and healthy, it can ward off cardiovascular disease and it boosts your metabolism for sure. That’s where I think people often misunderstand the benefits of it. They wonder, ‘If you had to choose between lifting weights over cardio,’ if you had to really press me, I’d say definitely lift the weights. You need a combination of both but the benefits that you gain from strength training are numerous. You are just burning more calories if you have more muscle. It’s like an active tissue, it burns more energy compared to fat.

Can weight training be a good weight loss tool? 

Yes, definitely, because of what it does to your metabolism. You tend to burn more calories the more muscle that you create. And with the resistance training you burn calories for a longer period of time afterward because the muscle keeps building. 

What are the pros and cons of isolating different parts of the body during a week of workouts?

Everybody has different schools of thought. For me, when I train, I typically like to train from top to bottom. I may focus on a certain area but I always include core work in every one of the trainings that I give. There’s always a little bit of cardio in every training I offer my clients. I like to have a mix of both. I might focus on one area a little bit. So if they are going to train with me a day later, I might move away from that area and move to a different part, because your body needs time to recoup. So, for instance, if you really worked your shoulders one day they need time to repair because that’s what we’re doing; we’re tearing those muscle fibers when we’re strength training. So your body needs time to repair them and that’s how your muscles get stronger.

What are the pros and cons of doing a full-body workout instead?

That’s a hard question to answer because it depends on your client. We probably do about 130 personal trainings a week and every single person is there for a different reason. You might have a woman come in that says, ‘I’m getting married in three months,’ or you might have someone come in who wants to be a bodybuilder or someone that just wants to gain overall core strength. We have trainers develop our program toward our clients’ goals. Many people have injuries so we could just be working around those injuries to help someone overcome those injuries, play that sport they haven’t played in a little while. 

Is muscle confusion, or mixing up your workouts, effective? 

Your body is always ready. It’s always saying, ‘Oh, this is something new, this is something new.’ It’s like running. If you just run and run the same distance every day, you don’t climb any hills,  you don’t make any change, you just plateau. Your body likes to be confused. … We have the same classes each week but the variety of exercises changes always. One of the biggest difficulties for people is boredom. They don’t get bored and their muscles don’t get bored because we are constantly throwing new challenges at them.

Do you recommend light with high reps or heavy weight with low reps?

Studies have really shown that they kind of come out equal. I think it depends on the person if they can handle the heavy weights. If that’s what their goal is, they get excited to see that weight change, see those weights go up. You are definitely going to build good muscle mass. There are different schools of thought on it, but for me, it’s going to be what my client can handle, if their form is proper.

Is it possible to overdo it when starting weight training, and what are the signs and how would you recommend avoiding them?

Absolutely, it happens all the time. … When I’m starting with a beginner I always tell someone to focus on form. Form is essential in any weight training or fitness regime. People get hurt when they have improper form. … We do encourage people in a class, when you see that they have the form, to step it up a bit, get to ‘uncomfortable.’ That’s my biggest thing; people aren’t going to make any change if they don’t get to uncomfortable. And uncomfortable doesn’t mean you’re in an ambulance going to a hospital; it means the last few reps should be difficult and challenging.

What advice would you give to someone who is intimidated by weight training?

Start slow, start light. And seek help, don’t do it on your own. A few instructions, a few cues. Because we have so many group classes, people can be a little intimidated if they are out of shape. So oftentimes we have people come in that just want to do a few personal training sessions, so they learn the forms with the weights, so they feel more comfortable going into a group class.

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Best of 2017 New Hampshire A-List City Voters

Fort Named BEST OF 2016 NEW HAMPSHIRE A-LIST CITY VOTERSWith over 7,600 votes cast this year by local experts through the A-List City Voters in New Hampshire, Fortitude Health + Training won 1st place for two categories!

~ BEST GYM IN NEW HAMPSHIRE (#1 out of 19 nominees)

~ BEST BOOTCAMP IN NEW HAMPSHIRE (#1 out of 11 nominees)

We also took 2nd out of 20 nominees for Best Personal Trainers in NH.

Click here to read more about the A-List voting and our categories.

Thank you to everyone who voted for The Fort!

Nine Steps to Fitness

Co-Owner Lisa Maria-Booth Interviewed for NH MagazineFortitude Health + Training co-owner Lisa Maria-Booth was recently interviewed by NH Magazine for their September 2017 issue’s article How to Build a Better You. Lisa was showcased among five local health gurus who shared their tips on how to start on the path to self-improvement. Below is an excerpt:

Co-owner and CEO Lisa Maria-Booth opened Fortitude five years ago with longtime collaborator Danielle Perreault. The downtown Manchester gym caught on fast, and soon, along with David Booth, she opened FortCycle and the Green Bike smoothie bar (all located in one building in the Millyard). Of course, fitness and good health are the ultimate goals, but Maria-Booth and her staff work just as hard to create a sense of community. Here, everyone from marathon runners to hesitant beginners are welcomed and supported by both the staff and members. As Booth says, “All you have to do is show up, and we’ll take care of the rest.” While no one is actually going to lift the weights for you, you will find expert advice, coaching and plenty of positive encouragement. Perhaps most importantly, what you won’t find is judgment or intimidation.

We all know, whether we want to admit it or not, that there’s no such thing as a quick fix. True fitness is not achieved with a crash diet or a miracle piece of equipment. It’s about changing habits, making good choices every single day and, yes, regular exercise. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then Maria-Booth has a few suggestions for things you can do right now to start down a path to better health.

  • Set goals. Sometimes, says Maria-Booth, people come to her with only a desire to change … something. It’s her job, she says, to be “an inspirer, a motivator, a spark.” She helps people set smart, achievable goals. Without something specific — and attainable — to work toward, it’s much easier to give up. For instance, at first train to run a 5K rather than a marathon. Habits, she adds, can take a long time to form and a long time to break. Setting goals you can “wrap your arms around” helps push you out of a rut.
  • Keep at it. Fitness doesn’t happen overnight, but “If you keep repeating and repeating positive new habits, pretty soon it’s going to become a part of who you are,” she says. “But it takes patience; it takes a little time and repeating, and repeating. And then it’s like a needle on a record — it’s not going to skip any more since you’ve created a new groove.”
  • Find someone to hold you accountable. Tell your goals to someone you trust and that you can share with.
  • Get outside. “You might imagine I want people to be in the gym all of the time, but I don’t,” she says. One of her personal favorite ways to stay healthy is by taking advantage of the state’s many natural resources. “We have everything at our fingertips — mountains, trails, lakes, the ocean,” she says. “Being outside, getting sunshine, whether I’m in the forest hiking or swimming in the lake or snowshoeing on a really white, shiny winter day, is a huge battery recharge for me.”
  • Swap out just one bad thing. For instance, every day try trading a sugary, cream-laden Dunkin’ Donuts drink for a wholegrain English muffin with almond butter.
  • Sleep. “I love to get at least seven hours of sleep at night to feel my best, to keep my body strong,” she says.
  • Eat real food. “I stay the heck away from manufactured food products,” she says. She also avoids supplements and medications unless absolutely necessary. “I really, really believe that everything I need is in the super-healthy, colorful, look-the-same-going-in-the-body-as-it-did-coming-out-of-the-ground food.” Fresh fruit and veggies are simply better choices than boxes with long lists of ingredients.
  • Be around like-minded people. She doesn’t suggest trading in your friends, but if you can, try to be around healthy, positive people. Inspiration is important. Group classes can be a great way to find motivation.
  • Make the time. Sorry, busy people: She won’t accept the “I have no time” excuse. You do. As she points out, there are 168 hours in a week — you can set aside three for exercise. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it.

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Fort and FortyCycle win Best of NH 2017 Community Fitness CenterNew Hampshire Magazine recently conducted their annual Best of NH survey to determine the best of the best across the granite state. Over 15,500 people cast a ballot this year, and we are excited to share that we were selected as the Best of NH 2017 Community Fitness Center!

As if they award was not enough, check out this amazing write-up:

Community Fitness Center: Fortitude and the related FortCycle (located all in one building) in Manchester are the “Cheers” of gyms — just trade the barstools for bikes. The Fort is a welcoming place where the staff and owners know your name and greet you with a smile. For those who’ve experienced snobbery or intimidation at other fitness centers, the coaches and trainers at The Fort are encouraging, upbeat and tough — in a good way. Whether you want to sweat it out to the beat of pumping music at FortCycle or get whipped into shape via bootcamp, there’s a class you’ll love. They also offer barre, personal training, kickboxing, TRX and much more. When you’re on your way out, grab a tasty (but always healthy) smoothie.

Read about other Best of NH 2017 winners by clicking here.


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Fortitude Health and Training
Meet high energy, skilled and friendly Francesca! We are thrilled she has joined our Fort team!💪🏼 Francesca has always had a passion for all things pertaining to movement of the body. She graduated from the University of Tampa with a BS in Exercise Physiology, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. For the past few years, she has been in Tampa, Florida working as a personal trainer, group exercises instructor, and swim instructor. Her other background as a physical therapy tech gives her experience rehabilitation and working through injuries. Francesca loves trying new fitness activities and her previous hobbies have been triathlon training, gymnastics, strength training, roller blading,and rock climbing. Don’t miss out! Join her for Iron on Tuesdays at 530pm! #fortitudehealthandtraining #personaltraining#bootcamp #manchesternh#bedfordnh #hooksettnh #strengthtraining#fortcycle #greenbikesmoothies #motivation #fitatthefort #nhgym ...
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Fortitude Health and Training
Shout out to this amazing young woman! Off to Tokyo on August 20th to represent our country in the U.S. Paralympics🇺🇸She has put in 4+ years at the Fort working hard with coach Kirstin inspiring everyone around her! We are all so proud of your strength, tenacity, generous spirit and your desire to help those around you! Thank you for choosing Fortitude Health and Training to help reach your goals! The best of luck to you, Noelle Lambert! Set the world on 🔥🔥🔥#fortitudehealthandtraining #theborntorunfoundation #tokyoparalympics #personaltraininggym #tenacity #strength#nextstepbandp #strongwomen#lorealwomenofworth #manchesternh#fortcycle#greenbikesmoothies ...
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Fortitude Digs Deep to Give Back

Over 15 Fortitude reps volunteered their time, energy and muscle to help Families in Transition with their Hollows Community Garden.

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Lisa Maria-Booth Receives Outstanding Women in Business Award

NH Business Review has selected Lisa to receive this esteemed award to recognize her professional accomplishments, leadership and vision.

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Just a few spots are open for our Resolve small group training sessions starting November 13th. These 6-week sessions will get you in amazing shape before the holidays hit. YOU CAN DO IT!

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