Alan “The Fun Guy’s” Summer Journey and update…


Just returned from Greece, only gained a pound. Greek salads are the best (fresh veggies, no lettuce) wow I ate these twice a day, every day. However I’ve been a bit frustrated lately….no weight loss since early May. I’m hovering around 25-30 lbs weight loss. So to say I was nervous before this trip would be putting it mildly. In the past, vacations were just an excuse to eat and do whatever I wanted. This year is different, I made a commitment to myself to workout at least every other day. In between the tours,excursions and dinners is where these workout would need to happen. Yes I had to wake up before everyone else but I also got to see more of the resorts ie: the fitness areas!


Beach, BBQ, beer… oh my I’m doomed. What I realized is that after being at the Fort for 6 months, the instructors teach you some pretty cool PORTABLE exercises using just your body weight to get a sweat on. Mountain climbers, burpees, planks, pushups and all the variations I’ve learned came in handy. Yoga is cool but beach yoga Rocks! There really was never a dull moment/day. I guess without realizing it Fortitude has slowly been transforming me into someone who needs to be doing something healthy every day whether it is a walk or a full body workout!


Phew, I’m surviving the summer for the most part, not losing anymore but not gaining either. Time is running out for my 50-50, 50 lbs lost in the year I turn 50. I missed my goal of being at 36 lbs lost by my Bday in early August. Stay committed, mix it up, try this…try that; it seems everyone has advice for you when you hit a plateau. If you are like me, it’s usually your skinny friends that have an idea for me to try. I’m really really frustrated now that I’m still at 30 lbs lost. I mean I’m going to classes 4/5 times a week plus yoga, What is happening? It must be my body, yeah that’s it…my body is getting accustomed to eating less and exercising more, or how about this one…. “ Muscle weighs more than fat and you may be adding more muscle,” I don’t want to hear that $&!*, I just want to drop more weight.

Newsflash: Looking back I totally stopped counting calories on My Fitness Pal.

“Maybe try a Cycle class”, damn I’m not sure I can even stand and pedal! I heard your butt hurts after…excuses excuses, I’ve got to try this. So I did! First class and Dave got me all set up, gave me a tour of the bike, seat, adjustments, monitor. David really made me feel comfortable and ready. Class begins and Lisa is rocking immediately, music is cranked, I’m already sweating and it’s only 10 minutes in, hey I’m standing and pedaling, that’s not so bad. More tension, go faster, now use some weights, haha yeah weights. “This is so cool”, I’m doing this again for sure. It’s an amazing calorie burn and I’m sold! Immediately after my golf trip to Cabot in Nova Scotia (beautiful course by the way), I signed up for more Cycle. Classes with Kim, Kevin, Lisa all have different styles but I’m really loving this cycling. A fresh perspective is great, this really couldn’t have come at a better time in my quest for 50-50. I’m now incorporating cycle 3x a week and maintaining the classes in the evening. Now that’s a calorie burn for sure.


How many times have you heard Lisa say “ Be mindful, be purposeful” ? These words keep running through my head but lately I’ve been dragging.

I really needed my Lisa fix. That’s where we sit down and talk about what’s working and more importantly what’s Not. What are my trouble spots and how we can work around them. I’m happy to say that I’m back logging all my food, and we adjusted my calories. We broke down how much time I have left till the end of the year. Approximately, 17.5 weeks remain and I need to lose 20 more. That’s a little more than a pound a week, that’s so doable. I Can do this, I WILL do this.

This journey is an ongoing story of ups and downs, frustrations and highs but boy imagine if I didn’t have Fortitude and all the folks around me. This is really changed my life and I am feeling great. You can too, I’m just like everyone else if you are having struggles and frustrations that’s normal. Just Be Mindful and Purposeful throughout your journey.

Wish me luck! Alan aka Fun Guy

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Oh Yeah!!!!! Been waiting for this day for a long time. It’s been such a mental block for me to be north of 250. I mean I haven’t seen anything but 250 or more for the last 10-20 years. I so wanted to break that and be below 250. Well today is the day: see pic below!

I’ve always got a funny story and this is no different. Just yesterday I weighed myself and it was just under 250. I jumped off the scale, grabbed my phone to take a pic and what do you know back above 250! haha how much do phones weigh? I tried again same result! Haha but today is different TODAY Sept 5th with phone and all I did it! 18lbs to go but I will be excited all day for this accomplishment. I’ve worked hard and stay disciplined I deserve to be happy today!

Someone once said the greater the discipline the great the chance for success! You can apply that to anything

Your career, Athletics, Military, Academics, Diets and so much more!!

Stay disciplined and success is the by product!!


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