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Fortitude Health and Training’s Co-Owners, Lisa and Danielle, have been leading folks to become in amazing shape for over 25 years via their kicking group training and fitness classes! Along with their staff, Lisa and Danielle have inspired thousands – and once you get under their wing, you’ll never want to turn back.

The recipe is simple – its the power of many. Relationship-based training… beginners to marathon runners working shoulder to shoulder in an inclusive, supportive “no one left behind” environment. Sure, it’s challenging, but challenge brings change. And, with our modifications and encouragement, each member walks out the door each time thinking, “I nailed it today.”

The Fort offers 38 classes/week: Kickboxing, TRX Suspension Training, BootCamp, Barre, Iron Strength Training, and more. There’s a time and a class for everyone! You can do it! Catch a glimpse of some of The Fort’s classes in the one minute videos below. Then Catch One in Person! REMEMBER – bring a friend and the first visit is FREE!


We are now offering five 9:00am classes per week, with childcare available for these classes beginning at the end of February.

The Fort now offers seven weekly classes of Barre. Barre is an exciting workout inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates. Set to fun, upbeat music, Barre is a total body, no impact workout accessible for ALL levels of fitness. We are so excited to bring this new phenomenon to The Fort!


Bootcamp is a high energy class will turn your workout routine upside down. Incorporating plyometrics, strength, agility and interval training both inside the gym and out, Bootcamp will give you the results you are looking for! All levels.

Warrior Bootcamp – so you’ve being nailing Bootcamp and ready to take it to the next level? Here is it – Warrior is our Bootcamp on steroids, or as Alec says, “It’s Bootcamp at 150%.” Come on down and join the fun. In true Fortitude style, no one left behind. This class meets offsite in warmer months. Check the board and the website for location. Advanced exercisers.

TRX & TRX Bootcamp

If you tired of hitting up the same machines, day-in & day-out, TRX Suspension Training may just be thing to get you out of a rut. TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) was developed by Navy SEALs while on deployment, when they had little access to gym equipment. Using suspension straps and bodyweight exercises, TRX helps develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability.

Fortitude Health & Training uses the TRX Suspension Trainer to help leverage gravity and body weight to do hundreds of different movements. No class is ever the same! The beauty of doing suspension training with TRX is the simplicity: users can easily adjust their position to make an exercise easier or more difficult. With this type of flexibility, and the ability to move quickly between different movements, your trainers at The Fort will have your heart beating and your muscles working all class long.

As an added bonus, almost every exercise involves your core! Multi tasking at it’s best… work your biceps, triceps, chest and back while working your core. Join us today for TRX – it’s perfect for all levels. Make your body your machine!

TRX – Total-Body Resistance Exercise with a Suspension trainer. Innovative functional training that develops strength, balance flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Suspension straps use body weight for a complete workout and help to build a rock solid core. Perfect for all levels!

TRX Bootcamp – A fun, high energy combination of strength training on the TRX straps along with the cardio/strength benefits of Bootcamp! We pull out the Bootcamp toys to give you an awesome workout – it’s the best of both worlds! All levels.

Combat KickBox

Kickboxing blends athletic drills with martial arts to create an intense cardiovascular workout. Uses gloves and bags to pack a powerful fitness punch. Huge calorie burn. All levels.


Challenge yourself beyond traditional strength training with this total body, functional strength training class. We will challenge your muscular endurance as well as your balance and coordination by moving through all planes of motion with multi-joint and compound exercises. All levels.


Barre is an exciting workout inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates. Set to fun, upbeat music, Barre is a total body, no impact workout accessible for ALL levels of fitness. We are so excited to bring this new phenomenon to The Fort!



Fortitude Launches Metrix-Based Fitness with FMX

This cutting-edge fitness is the latest trend – get ready for 45 minutes of an exhilarating, full-body workout! Watch your calories burned and track your progress. Starting January 15th!

Click here to sign up for FMX!

Fortitude Wins 1st Place for Best Gym AND Best Bootcamp

We are excited to share that Fortitude Health + Training was voted #1 by NH A-List! This is our third year in a row for Best Gym and our second in a row for Best Bootcamp.

Click here to read more.


In the recent Best of NH 2017 poll, our place was named the ‘Cheers of gyms – just trade the barstools for bikes.’ An incredible compliment to our philosophy, our instructors, and you! Click here to read our full write-up!


Free childcare Monday through Friday from 8:45 to 10:00am and Thursdays from 4:15 to 6:45pm. Click here for more details and to sign up.

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