TRX can be a mysterious class for many newcomers to the Fort. A lot of people look at the straps and wonder how they work. Do they stretch? Do you hang from them like Cirque Du Soleil? How do you get your feet in there??

After the first class the mystery will be gone and you will unlock a new door in your fitness life. TRX is truly the best modality I have used in 25+ years of teaching, and I’m excited every time I see someone new trying it out.

TRX challenges the most fundamental part of our body, our core. Our core extends from beyond our abs. It includes many series of muscles and is the foundation of all our every day and athletic movements. A few weeks into consistent TRX training and, I know from experience, you will see a remarkable change in your core strength.  I see it every day!

Our daily movements each day do not occur in a single plane of motion and do not use a single muscle group at a time. It happens in multiple planes and uses multiple muscle groups. TRX challenges several muscle groups at the same time, and it challenges you in several planes of motion. This comes from the idea of creating an instability that your body, especially your core, has to balance.

And it’s safe and effective for all fitness levels! Because you can increase or decrease the difficulty of an exercise by simple adjustments of your feet or body position, a beginner and an elite athlete can both get amazing benefits. And as you progress, it is easy to increase the difficulty of an exercise without running over to a weight rack to grab a new set of weights. Just adjust your body positioning and the exercise becomes more challenging! 

TRX classes at the Fort are truly beneficial to your fitness, extremely versatile and accessible to all levels. If you’ve never given it a whirl, try it this week! If you are a veteran, move those feet to challenge yourself and reap those benefits.


The Fort is searching for an experienced, super fun, outgoing Coach/Trainer to join our growing team. Must be licensed/able to personal train and to teach group classes. Do you know someone? Please send resume to Both part-time and full-time will be considered! And, if we hire you may get a finders fee! ...

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