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I have undergone a transformation with the help of my personal trainer, Lisa Maria-Booth.

Lisa Maria-Booth, Co-Owner and CEO of Fortitude Health + Training

I have undergone a transformation with the help of my personal trainer, Lisa Maria-Booth. As a brief history, I have been suffering from a total hip replacement that did not go well. Therefore, my general physical activity and health has been spiraling downhill. Things that I was not able to perform two months ago, have now become possible. For example, I am now able to jump up off the ground, do jumping jacks, and run in place with my knees up high.

Due to Lisa’s workout program and her understanding of my needs, I now have better balance and have less fatigue at the end of the day. She has been encouraging, uplifting, and convinced me that I was able to progress to a healthier weight and lifestyle. I am able to do planks, sit ups, and even several push ups.

She is able to individualize her programs according to each person’s needs. She’s supportive and promotes good nutrition, rest, and balance in my every day life. She knows exactly how much to push me. If left on my own, I would quit long before my limit was reached. She “delicately” pushes me, so that I reach my potential and feel so proud of my accomplishments. The results have been unbelievable. She makes such a positive difference in my life that I want our workout sessions to continue.

Tim H.

They do not just run some boring class that repeats the same thing over and over.

Danielle Rheault, Co-Owner of Fortitude Health + Training

I have always been an active person and had managed to maintain my weight, but then a funny thing happened: I had kids. In the years following I dropped out of shape, and then I saw a certain picture of myself at the beach with my kids and wondered how I had gained so much weight.

Instead of sulking over it I decided to do something about it. At first I went the p90x/Insanity route. I would get up every morning at 5am and workout for an hour alone in my basement. I then followed that by trying to run in my first ever 5K road race. I could even though I had dropped the weight my cardio conditioning was horrible! I could barely run the first mile of the race without having to stop and walk and my time for the race ended up being 38 minutes. I KNEW I could do better.

Then I stumbled upon a Boot Camp class at The Fort. After the first class I was fairly certain I was going to die, but I was determined to whip myself into better shape, and the best part about that is that The Fort staff were more than qualified to help me do that! They do not just run some boring class that repeats the same thing over and over. They constantly refresh and revitalize the instruction, and infuse new techniques that constantly challenge all levels. Since I have run my first race I have reduced my 5k time by nearly 10 min and I know that it can all be attributed to the excellent instruction and guidance that I have received from The Fort staff. I look forward to continuing my training with them for years to come!

Todd B.

The Fort has recharged my desire to be in the best physical health possible for myself!

I have been a member at gym facilities for the last 25 years. Working out has always been an important part of my life, for my head and my health. The last 15+ years, I have been very consistent working out, mostly enjoying the work part of the work out, definitely appreciating the health/head benefits that working out delivers – that being said, since October 2012 working out at Fortitude Health and Training – The Fort – has recharged my desire to be in the best physical health possible for myself!

The energy of Danielle and Lisa knows no bounds and is contagious; their passion for motivating all – no matter what level of fitness – is exemplary. For me, walking in the door brings a smile to my face – I am excited to tackle whatever new challenge is in store for the particular class (I still can’t pick a favorite). The challenges are fun, diverse and always able to be modified according to each person’s ability. Lisa and Danielle are enthusiastic with every member, guiding all who come in on their own personal journey towards their own personal fortitude – whatever that may be…strength, courage, resilience, guts, staying power, grit, stamina, determination, endurance… Come experience the INNOVATIVE, INSPIRING, IMAGINATIVE AND MOST ENERGIZING WORK OUT EVER!

Kim F.

Fortitude is not a gym. It’s a fitness facility that makes you feel like family.

Fortitude is not a gym. It’s a fitness facility that makes you feel like family. The classes are interesting and ever changing. The instructors are energetic, knowledgable and somehow find the balance between encouraging you to work hard but never going over the line where injuries can occur. “Challenge brings change” is a motto they live by.

The facility is always spotless. The equipment is new and in 100% working order. Towels, shampoo, hairdryers, etc are available in the locker rooms. I encourage one and all to come out and experience a trial class for free. No matter what your fitness level, you will enjoy The Fort and come back for more.

Sheila D.


This is Stephanie. She is one of our many dedicated clients at The Fort achieving their fitness goals one workout at a time. She has been maintaining an active lifestyle with cycling and personal training and it has certainly paid off. 20 pounds down! Keep up the good work Stephanie! Come achieve your fitness goals with us! #fortitudehealthandtraining #fitatthefort #fortcycle #manchester #nh #fitnessgoals #weightlosstransformation #strengthtraining #justdoit ...

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Had to share this awesome post from one our high schoolers! Off on an adventure of a lifetime! Strong, determined, kind and polite! The Fort trains people of all ages and abilities! Have your high school kids check us out! You don't have to play a high school sport to get in amazing shape!#youngandstrong #determination #strongishappy #fortitudehealthandtraining #youngandhealthy #tenacity ...

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In the recent Best of NH 2017 poll, our place was named the ‘Cheers of gyms – just trade the barstools for bikes.’ An incredible compliment to our philosophy, our instructors, and you! Click here to read our full write-up!


Join us for our annual Saturday morning outside Bootcamp (weather permitting) at West High School track! This class will replace 7:30am Bootcamp at the Fort! Please note: If West track is still under construction, we will meet at Livingston Park. Keep an eye on The Fort Facebook page for the latest updates.


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Free childcare Monday through Friday from 8:45 to 10:00am and Thursdays from 4:15 to 6:45pm. Click here for more details and to sign up.

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